How much is eWorks?

This is the question that are asked frequently, so we thought to address it first.

eWorks is an ERP, meaning providing an integrated and collaborative platform to conduct your day to day business. Your Entire Business. Be it Sales, CRM, Financials, HR or Task Management.

Therefore while considering ERP you need to compare eWorks with other ERPs available in the market today.

As our eWorks is Adaptable, Flexible and Customizable, so is our payment plans. We believe your investment in eWorks is a zero cost to you.

How? according to Gartner Group Consulting www.gartner.com two technologies will lead the entire IT world and that are ERP and Cloud Computing. Those who embrace ERP are bound to out perform by at least 30% year on year than those who don't.

Therefore our eWorks initiative comes with a guarantee that your revenue will out perform at least by 30% year on year. Besides we develop a win win relationship with our customers. When our customers believe in our solutions then it becomes natural to us to believe in our customers, their capability and their financial conditions. SMEs normally struggle with cash flow on a day to day basis.

We provide several payment plans that best suite your cash flow. We can divide your investment into monthly or quarterly payments or even as SAS (Software As a Service). The initial investment can further be reduced to as low as $ 1,000/- by providing you the most required modules and plugging in other modules as your business grow.

Our eWorks systems have a reputation of benefiting SMEs businesses today. As eWorks understands Your Business so we understand You.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a model for managing a company's interactions with the current and future customers and or suppliers. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support (Source www.wikipedia.com).

eWorks Contact Manager just does the same. It defines Contact as a Person or an Organization that does or intends to do business with you. It could be your Prospect, or Supplier or Your Customer or and even your external auditor.

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integrate internal and external management of information across an entire organization embracing finance/accounting,  manufacturing,  sales  and service,  customer relationship management, etc. ERP systems automate this activity with an integrated software application. The purpose of ERP is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.

ERP systems can run on a variety of computer hardware and network configurations, typically employing a database as a repository for information. (Source www.wikipedia.com)

eWorks is an integrated software comprising several modules that combines CRM and ERP functionalities in one package. You can pick and choose modules that Best suits your business needs and look no further for any other software.

What is RDBMS or relational database?

A relational database is a collection of data items organized as a set of formally described tables from which data can be accessed easily. A relational database is created using the relational model. The software used in a relational database is called a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). A relational database is the predominant choice in storing data, over other models like the hierarchical database model or the network model. It consists of number of tables (databases) and each table has its own primary key.

The relational database was first defined in June 1970 by Edgar Codd, of IBM's San Jose Research Laboratory. Codd's view of what qualifies as an RDBMS is summarized in Codd's 12 rules. (Source www.wikipedia.com)


eWorks is a relational database developed under FileMaker RDBMS www.filemaker.com FileMaker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Computer Inc. www.apple.com. It’s a known fact that Apple is the inventor of the first desktop PC (Apple, Apple II, Apple III Etc.) and the inventor of first WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) computer named Macintosh that revolutionized the way of computing with the simplicity of drag and drop using mouse and the computer screen.

Therefore eWorks is inherently simple to use yet incorporating the demands of any large or small business.

What is RAD?

RAD or Rapid Application Development is the term used to adapt change in business environment.

No matter what business you are in or what technology you used to automate your business processes, change is unavoidable. An additional report or form or process may popup and required to be integrated to the system.

This is where eWorks offer faster RAD than any other platforms available today. As an example if your technology solution is developed in C++, Apache, OpenSource, SQL or such platforms than adding a change or customization may take a longer time than eWorks.

eWorks can rollout a complete customized module within days which takes months for other platforms.

Why should I use eWorks as compared to other databases?

eWorks is developed behind FileMaker Pro (FMP) engine. FileMaker Pro comes from Apple Computer Inc. the people who brought simplicity and power in computing.

The people who developed eWorks are not programmers yet real time Managers who faced real time challenges of day to day business. eWorks is entirely developed in Dubai by Managers who have an average of 20 years of real-time business experience.

eWorks is a well-tested software. The project began almost 14 years ago and we were developing and fine tuning the program ever since on the basis of daily challenges of the work. How to find the right information at the right time and get the work done right on time. We thoroughly tested the same at our own group companies.

Every document that comes out of our businesses are through eWorks whether a simple email or fax, quote, invoice, Receipt voucher, delivery note, design, product spec, project status, LPO, reminders, statement of account or anything in between is generated through eWorks.

eWorks is unique to each individual or organization. It is not a fixed product. In every organization, information are scattered in different places in different programs with different people. This scattered information is not centralized. eWorks is the first program in this direction. One Company one InfoBase. 

How do you provide support?​

Every eWorks is customized to each customer. The look & feel are customized along with their company logo and their company address Etc.

eWorks Support philosophy are based on the following principles

  • Minimal Installation time. Ideally customer should be able to install the software. eWorks is single file implementation. Drag and drop the file and you are ready to use.


  • eWorks should be available at all time 24/7, (High Availability). Customer should not be left on his own. Should be able to contact support team whenever he/she wants. In order to address this we have multi-prong support structure such as;


  • Account Manager– One of our Support person is designated to a particular customer whose mobile, email will be available to the Customer.


  • Website Support Through ticketing structure. Customer can also be in touch through our website.


  • eWorks is easy to install and easy to be supported due to its core engine which is FileMaker, the software engine that Apple use in their computers, iPhones & iPads. FileMaker also has an extensive support and training structure on their website www.filemaker.com. eWorks is a business and developer partners thus jointly we provide a number of support and training programs.


  • Minimum down-time and Remote Log-in. We have minimized our technician’s visit to site, unless it is unavoidable. Our customers are located in diversified geographical locations thus such efforts are time consuming and extra cost to customer. We have developed a mechanism by which in case a serious on-site support is required then we can log-in to eWorks Server of the customer wherever located and can carry out any support that may be required, including any modification and bug fixing.


  • Best Practice Training and Consulting. We have several training and consulting services provided either through our Dubai training centers or through our distributors Worldwide. We share our experience and best practice methodologies with our customers. This vastly help the customer to avoid future flaws that can create problems.

What mobile or Web Options available on eWorks?

This is a very important technology aspect that should be well understood between hype and reality.

eWorks is not a Web App or Mobile App. eWorks is a RDBMS based on a Client – Server Architecture. It’s an ERP for SMEs.

Our development teams were asked time and time again how best we can utilize the Mobile or Web technologies to achieve max integration.

The answer is not simple. The development aspects of all the above platforms are very different and dependent on the aspects such as

  • Processor capacity (Layers, Core, Speed)

  • Memory (RAM or ROM)

  • Storage (Fixed or Removable)

  • Visibility (Screen Size)

  • Communication (from Device to Device or Device to Computer or Computer to Computer)

The above parameters are all different in all the above three technologies.

As an example a Mobile App developer when develops an app he can only go as far as the technology allow him. Mobile devices today provide very limited processor, memory or disk storage space. The development of an App can only address one aspect of an issue and not an integrated multi-core, multi-relational issues.

Having said that we are never ignorant of the fact that mobile or web technologies can be neglected. We are constantly in touch with Apple Inc., FileMaker and WinSoft France to incorporate latest offerings.

The Solution we seek and available is a Mobile or Web Server as front end and eWorks as the back-end connected to a third party App such as FileMaker Go, Android, PHP, iOs.

Such solution/s are in an evolving stage, complex, and financially very expensive.

eWorks has a very simple workaround to this. You don’t need a Web Server or a Mobile Server.

In eWorks at any given time you can take a snapshot of info and save them as Excel or PDF and can be emailed instantly to anywhere.

Email can be received to any mobile and attachments can be opened and browsed.

Information collected by any mobile device or barcode readers can also be imported to eWorks.

The following options described are for information purpose only and are not our recommendations.

Option-1 through FileMaker Go iPhones & iPads.

You can down-load hosted eWorks to iPhones & iPads through FileMaker Go FileMaker Go can be purchased separately from Apple App Store. Once FileMaker Go is downloaded either to iPhone or iPad, then eWorks needs to be copied to the device.

It allows users to view and manipulate eWorks either hosted or copied onto a user’s mobile device.

It is important to remember that local databases are single-user only. You cannot share from FileMaker Go, nor is there any synchronization mechanism.

If you enter data into a local database, stored on your device, that data resides only on your device. If data needs to be synchronized with other copies of a local file, you will need to create a process to manage data synchronization.

eWorks does not charge any fee for such downloads either of the FileMaker Go or the eWorks database itself.

Option-2 through Web eWorks on the Web Current eWorks coding is Client – Server Architecture in a Local Area Network. Web enabled eWorks is an Option.

This Option requires Global IP address, Web Server and Customer specific requirement that need to be incorporated to eWorks.
eWorks provide all options that are available with FileMaker Pro platform and are 100% compatible
Several documentations are available on this subject. Contact us for more details.

What is the minimum requirement of eWorks?

Minimum requirements are as follow;

  • PC (Windows) or Mac

  • FMP-xx Single User license. Each additional User would require additional user license from FMP

  • eWorks Standard Modules

  • Access Key and Password from eWorks

  • Hardware requirement

  • Current Class PC with Windows

  • 64MB RAM

  • Minimum of 2GB Hard disk space

  • Mac version

  • FMP-xx Single User license for Mac. Each additional User would require additional user license from FMP

  • eWorks Standard Modules

  • Access Key and Password from eWorks Global

  • Hardware requirement

  • PowerMac with Mac OS 8.0 or higher

  • 64MB RAM

  • Minimum of 2GB Hard disk space

  • Mac OS 8.0 or higher

I have Macs and PCs on the network and I want to use eWorks on both the platforms?

You need FMP-xx PC version for PCs and Mac version for Macs.

You can implement eWorks on PC running current OS Edition or higher and then Macs can be configured to access eWorks transparently. No additional programming or modification required

How can I add more modules to my eWorks?

You can add any module on your purchased eWorks for your own use. You need to inform eWorks for any addition or modification. On the other are working with third party vendors whose modules will be added to existing eWorks.

I have database on other systems. I need to export them to eWorks. Can I do that?

Almost all industry standard data formats are compatible for import from or export to eWorks

Import or Export from Microsoft Excel

  • .bas - Import or convert from, and export to, Microsoft BASIC programs.

  • .cwk or .cws - Import or convert data from database files created in ClarisWorks 4.0 (Windows) or ClarisWorks 2.0 through 4.0 (Mac OS)

  • Comma-Separated Text, .csv or .txt        Import or convert from, and export to, BASIC programs and applications like dBase. This format is also called Comma-Separated Values (csv).

  • DBF, .dbf  Import or convert from, and export to, dBase-III and dBaseIV. This format retains field names.

  • DIF, .dif     Import or convert from, and export to, spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel. This format retains field names.

  • Edition File (Mac OS only) Export or publish an edition file, which users can subscribe to from any application that supports Publish and Subscribe. When you export the file, subscribers are automatically updated.

  • HTML Table, .htm Export data as an HTML table for use on a Web page. Rows are records and columns are fields.


  • For other ways to use eWorks Pro data on the Web, see information about Instant Web Publishing.

  • Merge, .mer Import or convert from, and export to, a file to create form letters in a word processor. This format exports field names.

  • ODBC Import from other data sources, see information about importing from an ODBC data source. Use EWorks Pro as a data source to serve EWorks Pro data via ODBC, see information about sharing data via ODBC.

  • SYLK .slk Import or convert from, and export to, most spreadsheet applications.

  • Tab-Separated Text, .tab or .txt   Import or convert from, and export to, most applications. If you aren't sure which format to use, try this one first.

  • wks, wk1, Exchange data with Lotus 1-2-3 and other spreadsheet applications. 


If you have any other question please drop us a line and we will address your query

Simplicity is Power

eWorks is simple and easy to use. It is as simple as browsing with point and click simplicity. It is made in such a way that wherever possible common tasks are reduced to buttons and popup menu selections. This minimizes typing and takes away the learning complexity.

Flexible & Scalable

eWorks is not off-the-shelf software. Although modules are available for most types of businesses, it is customized to the specific needs of each individual organization.

Resilient & Secure

eWorks is Powered by FileMaker Pro RDBMS Engine. FileMaker is an Apple Subsidiary. Deploy eWorks On-Premise or on the Cloud starting from 5-Users and scale it to any level of thousands of Users

Office timing from Sunday to Thursday - 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs.

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