It’s all about enriching our lives, working smarter, making our work  space a happy place and sharing our experiences and live together.

But the facts on the ground are difficult pills to swallow.

In general we spend more time at work than at home. We, at average, work 8 hours a day, wasting other precious moments in traffic, food, or just finding the right information when it is needed most.

Wastage is catastrophic, when it comes to business. Business is what make us ticking and living, whether we as employee or owner of a business.

An average SME has to generate AED 1,000,000 per year just to pay its overhead and liabilities and hoping to make some profit. When it comes to overhead nothing is going lower or lesser. Studies show overheads increases, overall at a pace of at least 30% per year on year.

Therefore taking the above example, next year you have to generate AED 1,300,000 just to make the same level of revenue as you did in the first year.

According to Gartner Group Consulting, businesses that adapt ERP are at least 30% more efficient, which means 30% less waste, which means 30% more profitable and which means 30% ahead of the competition.

Now if you are not so lucky to adapt ERP then you are losing about AED 300,000/- worth of revenue in the first year (which means every day you are losing about AED 1,000/-) and may climb the same loss to AED 500,000/- in the second year keeping the overhead increase.

eWorks is not a half solution, meaning an information is not complete if every angle of it is not addressed. As an example accounting people will give accurate financial info, sales people will give sales figures but then what about your own team (staff), daily tasks, how your driver is performing or what is happening in your production facility or when an inquiry was logged in how much time it took to estimate and then to quote.

All of the above happen simultaneously and at the same time. A collaborative environment is required to address the issue as it occur.

eWorks is a System as opposed to a software that addresses one aspect of an issue. A business without a System is an organization where a person (or few persons) runs the business and not the entire team. When a business is run by an individual no matter how smart or hardworking he or she is, the business becomes dependent and NOT an independent business. As a result, decisions get delayed, business starts to slow down and everything goes down with it, including its own existence.

eWorks creates a System where everyone gets involved and shares. Works are divided and no one is burdened or pressured. Everyone within the organization follow the System creating an efficient and professional organization minimizing waste.

eWorks is an End-to-End Workflow System for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

eWorks is a multi-user application that takes care of normal day-to-day business activities of a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise). It helps organizations optimize their people, processes and technology around their business goals. It makes work such as interaction with the customer, managing products or services, conducting day-to-day sales, much more efficient. This efficiency, gained through effective workflow of business processes, directly relates to profitability. eWorks gives management a clear view of the business through daily, weekly and monthly reports, so that any corrective measures required, can be taken on time to gain competitive advantage.

eWorks is an evolution developed in real time business work environment. Unlike many other solutions in the market, eWorks is developed by Managers who have decades of managerial experience and know-how of business processes.


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